2015 Events
California Duathlon State Championship

2016 Events
California Reverse Triathlon State Championship

About Multisport of America

We produce, organize, service and certify multisport events in North and South America. Events may include running, biking, duathlon, reverse triathlon, paddle boarding, race-walking and other competitions. We provide other organizers and related events a review of logistics, course and safety planning, and annual state championship certification and championship pathways.

Our focus is the amateur athlete, providing entry level and advanced opportunities for each athlete to express him/her self and their athletic ability. We establish and maintain an online public website(s) where championship records, athlete achievements and bios are recorded for various competitions and championships.

Our ultimate goal is to promote the health, fitness and excellence of the amateur athlete and the general population in North and South America. Thank you for your support!

Multisport of America Board of Directors