Ramm Sports Services:

*We produce Running, Duathlon, Triathlon and Fitness events
*Complete turnkey race management
*Complimentary production services working with your group
*Course logistics and development
*Entrant management service
*Through our sister site SDraceTv.com, we provide
media development, editing and production
*Marketing and web solutions

Roger Drews

Events Schedule 2013/2014:

April 21, 2013
Fasttimes 5k (production)

June 7, 2013
CKIM (production)

June 5, Wed.  2013
University City High School
Summer Nights Track Series (tech support)

June 19, Wed. 2013
San Diego Mesa College
Summer Nights Track Series (tech support)

June 26, Wed. 2013
Cuyumaca College
Summer Nights Track Series (tech support)

July 10, Wed.  2013
Lincoln High School
Summer Nights Track Series (tech support)

Aug. 17th 2013
Free to Breathe 5k (production)
Liberty Station

Fall 2013
Dirt Dog Series - 7 events (media / tech support)

Sept. 7th 2013
Aloha Run (course crew)

Oct. 20th 2013
Temecula Half-Marathon (course crew)

Nov. 10th  2013
San Diego Duathlon (production)

Nov. 24th 2013
Del Mar Triathlon (production)


Jan. 5th 2014
Kendall Webb Memorial Triathlon (production)

Mar. 9th 2014
Spring Forward Duathlon (production)

Summer 2014
Steve Scott 5000 (production)
Del Mar 5000 (production)
Steve Scott Mile (production)

2014 - Dates TBD
Fitman Series (production)

Fall 2014 - Date TBD
Challenger Half-Marathon

2014/2015 - Date TBD
Holidaze 5k/10k
(a unique event unlike any other!)

Our Crew

Mr. Roger Drews - Race Director

Mr. Paul Greer - Race Director

Mr. Pete Hess - Race Director

Ms. Mary Lou Baranowski - Race Director/Media

  Race Crew Volunteers:

Mr. Jeff Baloy - Course Supervisor/Timing

Mr. Bill Drews - Bike Course Supervisor

Mr. Nick Miller - Transition/Course

Mr. Ryan Norling - Timing/Course

Mr. Colin Bell - Transition Supervisor/Course

Mr. Brian Anderson - Finish Line Supervisor/Timing

Ms. Jessica Stroberg - Check-in Desk

Mrs. Katie Grimes - Check-in Desk

Mrs. Jayna Bohling - Check-in Desk

Mr. Matt Horner - Transition/Security/Medical

Mr. Andrew Reuther - Course/Medical

Mr. Jon Feldman - Course

Mr. Eric Marenburg - Course

Mr. Chris Fuller - Course

Mr. Bill Grimes - Course

Mr. Chris Dargon - Course

Mr. Evan Drews - Course

Mr. Ryan Huckabone - Course

Mrs. Milda Simonaitis-Boyd - Aide Station

Ms. Heather Acrie - Course/Aide Station/Check-in Desk

Mrs. Lisa Marie Wyman - Course/Aide Station

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